7 Best Usenet Indexers for Downloading Movies and TV

If you want to download TV shows and movies, Usenet is one of the best options out there.

To get Usenet working, you will need a provider and an indexer. We’ve already looked at the best Usenet providers, so today, it’s time to focus on the indexers.

What is a Usenet Indexer?

An indexer will allow you to search Usenet for a specific post. They work in much the same way as a web search engine, pulling headers and storing the information in a searchable database.

And, just like the quality of search engines can vary greatly, so too can the quality of Usenet indexers. The services will have different numbers of NZBs indexed, various app features, different limits on downloads and APIs, and more.

Some Usenet indexers are free, but the best ones are limited access and will cost a couple of bucks per month.

Which Are the Best Usenet Indexers for TV and Movies?

Let’s have a look at some Usenet indexers worth considering.

1. DogNZB

dognzbDogNZB is the darling of the Usenet community. It’s been one of the best indexers for a few years and shows no signs of relinquishing its stranglehold.

Unfortunately, places are limited. The site only accepts new signups a few times per year. If you’re trying to get a membership, make sure you keep your eyes peeled around the time of events like Black Friday and Christmas—that’s when registration is most likely to open.

DogNZB accepts credit cards and Bitcoin. It costs $20 per year. Monthly plans are not available.

2. NZBCat

NZBCat is another leading NZB indexer. Unlike DogNZB, it does have a free tier—you can download five files and conduct 50 searches daily without paying.

Registration is open at all times. A plan costs $20 per year.

3. NZBGeek

nzbgeekA long-time favorite, NZBGeek lets you access a massive library of downloadable TV shows and movies. You’ll find the newest TV episodes within minutes of them airing on TV and CAM recordings of movies that are still in the theater.

But remember, the video quality of CAM recordings is generally poor. If it’s a film you’ve really been looking forward to watching, it’s wiser to wait for a DVD rip.

Yearly plans cost $12. Again, no monthly plans are available.

4. FastNZB

FastNZB is a free Usenet indexer. Because it’s free, the list of content is slightly more limited, but it’s still fine for occasional use.

Even if you pay for a plan with an indexer, it’s still worth adding a few free options to apps like Sonarr and Radarr. They help to keep you covered if your main indexer goes down.

5. NinjaCentral

ninjacentralSome Usenet TV indexers offer lifetime plans. Of course, you use lifetime plans at your own risk. Usenet providers can be liable to disappear without warning. There have also been cases of indexers downgrading lifetime plans to monthly plans to improve their cash flow and enable them to stay online.

One of the most popular indexers with a lifetime plan is NinjaCentral. The subscription costs $80, but the site has a long history and is likely to remain in some form well into the future.

6. DrunkenSlug

DrunkenSlug isn’t as old as the likes of DogNZB. It shot to prominence as a quality indexer sometime around 2017/18 and has held onto its position as a top choice ever since.

You can buy a plan for €10 or €20, depending on how much searching and downloading you’re planning to do. DrunkenSlug accepts payment with a credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, and even Amazon gift cards.

7. FindNZB

findnzbWe’ll end with another free Usenet indexer. FindNZB is a powerful Usenet search engine that you can use to find TV shows, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, and much more.

It is free to sign up, and registration is open year-round. FindNZB does have some API restrictions, so you might need to manually download the NZB file before you can add it to an app like SABnzbd.

Don’t Forget About Your Usenet Provider

Due to the number of variables, choosing a Usenet provider is arguably more complicated than choosing an indexer.

If you’d like to learn about which is the best Usenet provider for your needs, check out our article on the topic.

Other Ways to Download Movies and TV Shows

Usenet is just one of the download methods available to you.

For example, you could also use direct download sites for movies, direct download sites for TV, or even a torrent site.