Best IPTV Service for Fire Stick, Android TV Boxes, and PCs

Which are the best IPTV service providers in 2020? Here are some of our favorites.

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Different Types of IPTV

You can roughly subdivide IPTV into four subcategories.

  • Legal and free IPTV
  • Legal and paid IPTV
  • Gray area and free IPTV
  • Gray area and paid IPTV

Every IPTV service, from Sling TV to the seediest IPTV subscriptions on Alibaba, falls into one of them. To learn more, read our introductory guide to IPTV.

Warning: Gray-Area Services

A word of warning on gray area IPTV providers—while many of them have an established customer base and a good number of positive reviews in the community, they are all liable to vanish at any time. As such, we highly recommend that you do not sign up for more than a month at a time, even if the discounts on three-month, six-month, and annual plans are appealing.

We have not discussed prices in this article; they fluctuate too much to be reliable. Suffice to say, all the services we have discussed are available for between $10 and $20 per month. All of the providers offer free trials.

Paid IPTV services are often more reliable their free counterparts. It is especially true in the world of gray area IPTV services. Not only will they normally offer channels in glorious HD, but you will suffer from much less buffering and channel downtime.

Let’s have a look at some of the best IPTV services across each area.

Best Free IPTV Services

The best legal and free IPTV service is Pluto TV. You won’t get the same selection of channels as with a paid provider, but it still offers a way to tune into channels like FOX Sports, NBC, CNN, NFL Channel, Eleven Sports, and Crime Network.

Pluto does not carry sports channels from the UK. If you want British sporting content, consider some of the ways to watch Sky Sports for free.

Other leading legal-and-free IPTV services include USTV Now (which offers access to ABC, CBS, FOX, and a couple of others) and BBC iPlayer (includes all BBC channels). If you don’t live in the US or UK respectively, you can use a VPN to bypass geoblocking.

If you’re looking for a wider selection of content, check out some of the best free IPTV apps that fall into a legal gray area—their legality depends on the local laws in your area.

Some of the best free IPTV apps include Mobdro, Live NetTV, Redbox TV, and Swift Stream. Mobdro is the most famous, but they are all viable Mobdro alternatives.

We’ve written about some of the other leading free IPTV services. Check out the article to learn more.

Best IPTV Services for Live Sport


Jarvis has been the de facto community favorite IPTV service on Reddit for the last 12 months. It is renowned for its remarkable uptime, smooth streams, and broad selection of pay-per-view sporting events.

The service is so reliable, we think Jarvis is a suitable alternative to Sky TV. The service is US-focused, but there are hundreds of channels from elsewhere, especially the UK. Sports networks on Jarvis include ESPN, FOX, Sky Sports, DAZN, Eleven Sports, and many more.

Jarvis does not have a public website. Check out r/IPTV for a Discord invite so you can sign up.

If you prefer an entirely legal service, go for Fubo TV. It is one of the best streaming services thanks to its broadcast rights for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Premier League, international soccer, boxing, cycling, rugby, and more.

Best IPTV Service for US TV

Another of the best IPTV services is Vue Media. It is available through a few different resellers on Reddit.

The channel focus is the US. You can watch all your favorite channels—like AMC, FOX News, Disney, NBC Sports, ABC, FOX Sports, and CNN—as part of the package. Vue Media also has an extensive pay-per-view section for live events.

If you subscribe, you’ll also discover hundreds of US Latino channels, channels from Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and content from Asia and beyond. Almost all the channels on Vue Media have an electronic program guide (EPG).

Mainstream providers that specialize in American IPTV include Sling TV, Hulu, Philio, and AT&T TV Now. Philio is the cheapest, but it also has the smallest selection of channels.

Best IPTV Service for British TV


The obvious way to watch British TV is to use a VPN and watch BBC iPlayer. Some of the other large UK networks, like ITV and Channel Four, also have their own iPlayer equivalent. They are all available as free Amazon Fire Stick channels.

If you want to watch Sky, you’ll need to pay for a Now TV plan. It is an à la carte way to watch the channels, programs, and events that you care about.

Our UK readers also need to check out BBTV. The primary focus of the gray area service is high definition UK channels. You can use BBTV to watch the Premier League, cricket, and rugby thanks to the presence of large British sports Networks like BT Sports and Sky Sports.

Most Premier League games are available through several different sources, thus helping to spread the load and improve the quality of the stream. You can use BBTV IPTV to watch all the 3pm kickoffs which are not broadcast on UK television.

Best IPTV Service for Number of Channels

Beast TV is one of the most well-known names in the gray area sector; it has been around for many years and has one of the largest userbases.

Critics have always accused Beast of providing quantity over quality; it offers tens of thousands of channels, with a wide variance in quality.

Remember, a general rule of thumb when purchasing IPTV is that less is more. The more channels a provider offers, the more upkeep it requires, and the more likely channels are to go down. It is always better to focus on a provider that offers a few hundred channels in your area of interest than one that claims to offer every channel from every country imaginable.

Beast has one of the largest selection of local US channels on the market (857 at the last count), and you can watch the service on four screens at the same time.

Best IPTV Service for Latino TV

Many legal IPTV providers, including FuboTV and Hulu, offer special add-on packages that lets you access live TV channels from Latin America. Sadly, the number of channels offered is always tiny—normally nothing more than a couple of news channels, entertainment channels, and sports channels.

The lack of choice forces users to look elsewhere. One popular gray area service for Latino TV is The Hive. It is popular thanks to its status as one of the few IPTV channels that offers both an M3U playlist and a MAC address on the same subscription.

As part of the service, you will get 153 channels from the USA, 170 local USA channels, 210 channels from Canada, 180 from the UK, more than 500 Latino channels, and a smattering from elsewhere.

Indeed, with 516 Latino channels in total, The Hive is probably the best IPTV provider for Spanish language content.

The Hive does not support catch-up TV or video-on-demand.

Best IPTV Service for VOD and Catch-Up TV

If video-on-demand and TV catch-up are crucial to you, you could try Hydrogen. It offers fewer channels as a tradeoff (there are only 250 American channels and 150 UK channels), but both the VoD and catch-up work perfectly.

Hydrogen also has a surprisingly strong international section, with more than 1,500 channels from “the rest of the world.”

For the best VOD experience, it is better to install Kodi addons for TV shows or one of the many Flixtor alternatives.

Of course, Netflix also qualifies as a VOD service; it is a subscription that no one should be without.

How to Watch IPTV

Although most IPTV services provide their own branded apps, they are not the best way to watch IPTV.

If you use an Android TV box, consider some of the best IPTV apps for Android. You could also use an IPTV addon for Kodi or an Amazon Fire Stick IPTV channel.

Read our guide on how to install Eternal TV on a Fire Stick and Kodi to learn more.


To keep yourself safe, we also recommend using a VPN with your IPTV service. Not all services support VPNs, so make sure you check before you sign up. A VPN will also let you access blocked content on services like Netlfix and Amazon Prime Video, so it’s definitely worth having.

We’ve considered the security of IPTV in more detail when looked at whether the Mobdro app was safe to use.